Zipback Romper


  • Short Sleeve & Sleeveless Sale
    • 2-8 $34.99  $17.49
    • 10-14 $35.99  $17.99
    • 16-18 $36.99  $18.49
  • Long Sleeve Sale
    • 2-8 $36.49  $18.24
    • 10-14 $37.49  $18.99
    • 16-18 $38.49  $19.24

Zipback Romper

Our Zip Back Rompers are uniquely designed with a no-stretch leg bottom to discourage your child from undressing by stretching out the leg bottom and snaking their hands up the leg of the garment to reach a messy pull up.Our Anti-Escape, Zipback Romper is a one-piece garment that can be worn year-round!  Unlike most rompers on the market that have a center seam down the front of their rompers, we redesigned ours in the front to look like a T-shirt.  Our Zipback worn with shorts, pants or a skirt, looks like traditional outer wear.  Add pigment-dye color for an additional fashion statement!  Long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless style options.

Competitor analysis:  Most of the features listed above can’t be found anywhere else.  However, fabric quality, functionality and our unique design features do attribute to a high-end garment price.  Our customers tell us they now sleep through the night and don’t wake up to a mess.  Customers believe the investment in these high-quality garments is worth it!

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Customize your Zipback Romper

Reinforce the Neckline – $7.99

Add a security hook – $4.75

Add an Easy Access Crotch Zipper – $28.99

Leg adjustment – $9.99

Add a feeding tube window – starting at $10.99

Zipback pigment dyeing – $5.99

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  • Developed through a special process, where we include a hidden, no-stretch, reinforcement on the necklines of our anti-escape Zip Backs and Pajamas that will keep clothes on and hands out of underpants.
  • Our Zipback Rompers are constructed from a heavyweight, 10 oz, 100% cotton interlock fabric that is smooth to the touch, breathable and durable. We found a manufacturer in Los Angeles to weave this fabric just for us!  No other garments for special needs children are constructed out of anything like it.  These high-end garments will hold up longer than traditional clothing and are worth the investment.
  • Zip Back rompers are made using the same tagless & seamless technique as our Northwoods Longjohn Pajamas and Snap Suits to insure the inside of the garment is comfortable for children with heightened sensory issues.
  • A cover panel over the zipper, snap grommet and additional velcro closure, shields sensitive skin from Zipper coils, metal and scratchy velcro, while providing extra anti-escape security.

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Zipback Size

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 10, 12, 16, 18

Zipback Sleeve Type

Short Sleeve, Sleeveless, Long Sleeve