Weighted Blankets


Happy Face Apparel Weighted Blankets and Weighted Lap Pads are a comfort to children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Use them at night or during the day, draped across the lap or shoulders.  Weighted blankets are used as therapy.   The pressure touch stimulation, which the weight provides, produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which influences moods and makes our special children feel calm, happy and secure.   Weighted Blanket Therapy is believed to improve appetite, sleep, memory and learning.  Test studies prove ASD children prefer sleeping with them.

Weighted Blanket Prices: 

  • Weighted Lap Pad, 2.5 lbs., 14″ x 26″ – $59.99
  • Weighted Blanket, 5lbs., Size Small (Crib Size) 38″ x 50″ – $119.99
  • Weighted Blanket, 7lbs., Size Medium (Twin Size) 38″ x 62″ – $149.99
  • Weighted Quilt Lap Pad, 2 12 lbs., 14″ x 26″ – $89.99
  • Weighted Quilt Blanket, 5lbs., Size Small (Crib Size) 38″ x 50″ – $159.99
  • Weighted Quilt Blanket, 7lbs., Size Medium (Twin Size) 38″ x 62″ – $199.99
Purchase a Custom Weighted Blanket

HFA smileCompetitor Analysis:  A weighted blanket is a significant investment and should last many years.  Our weighted blankets are on the high-end in terms of cost.  Here is a list of features, unavailable in most competitor blankets, which increased our product costs.

  • We found competitor weighted blankets designed with side seams, which tended to split open from the weight of pellets, rice or aquarium gravel – depending on what they used for weights. Our 1” double stitched hem will hold the poly pellets in securely and prevent them from spilling into your child’s environment.
  • Some competitors used low end fabric that wore out quickly from the rubbing of the beads on the fabric. Our blankets are constructed out of high end cotton fabric with a tight weave. In addition, the pellets are shielded from rubbing on the fabric and wearing it out by the needle punch batting pockets.  Pellets (or shot, rice, sand) inside competitor blankets also tended to move around and bunch together in one corner of the quilted pocket, and bulge out, causing localized high pressure areas which can chafe and bruise.
  • In competitor weighted blankets, pellets could be felt through the fabric.  Our needle punch batting pockets for the poly pellets resolved that issue.


Weighted Blankets

  • Weighted blanket weight should be approximately 10% of your child’s weight if you are purchasing the minimum sized blanket for your child’s height and weight.
  • Our weighted blankets and lap pads are made with mini poly pellet beads, sewn inside needle punch batting pockets. The needle punch batting adds softness, prevents the beads from collecting in one area of the pocket and shields the pellets a bit from touch.  The pockets are evenly distributed throughout the blanket, sewn inside 6” quilted squares.
  • Happy Face Apparel Weighted Blankets are constructed from high-end, 100% cotton fabric on both the top and bottom of the blanket, with a 1” double stitched hem all around. The cotton fabric is very breathable..
  • Our Weighted Quilt Blankets sandwich the needle punch batting pockets of mini poly pellet beads, between two layers of 6 oz polyfil. The polyfil further hides the harsh feel of the poly pellet beads.  Children who have heightened sensory issues prefer the quilted version.  However, all Happy Face Apparel weighted blankets are softer to the touch than competitor blankets we have found, because of the needle punch batting pockets.
  • All Happy Face Apparel Weighted Blankets are machine washable, without having to remove the weights and reinsert them.

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