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Our weighted animals are for Fun and Therapy!  These shoulder wraps are happy-looking, weighted sensory animals that will calm your child.  These weighted animals are made to provide input stability, enabling a child to focus and attend. Using weighted items to provide proprioceptive feedback is effective for grounding children with autism, children in the ADD spectrum, sensory integration disorders and many other neurological challenges. Improvements have been noted in focus, reducing rocking behaviors, decreased leg-wrapping around the chair and reducing the incidence of standing during fine motor activities.  Or these weighted animals can be worn for fun and while traveling, to prevent poor neck positioning.

Sean the Snake (with a silky tongue and pointed tail for fidgety hands) @ $24.99 $14.99

Matt the Caterpillar (with silky antennae) @ $34.99 $24.99

Delly the Dolphin(with a silky mouth) @ $44.99 $34.99

HFA SmileCompetitor Analysis:  We never strive to be the cheapest.  We do strive to develop products that provide solutions, are durable and functionally meet expectation.  Competitor weighted animals we purchased had plastic facial parts that were glued on and fell off; a possible choking hazard.  The plastic parts weren’t microwavable, and some of the products used for the weights in a variety of neck-wraps we found weren’t microwavable, and didn’t provide the oatmeal aroma therapy.  The extra labor we invested in our weighted animals, to sew and applique on facial parts, added cost to our product, as did the steel oatmeal stuffing.  We believe our special children are worth it!



Weighted Animals

  • Weighted Animals are filled with a 2 ½# oatmeal rice mixture.
  • Our weighted animals have no plastic parts that would melt in a microwave or fall off. They are designed to be microwavable for aroma therapy benefits and provide calming warmth to stressed out neck & shoulder muscles.
  • Happy Face Apparel Weighted Animals have facial parts that are sewn or appliqued on to provide satin-feel fidgets. None of our facial parts are glued on and the parts will not fall off in hands or mouth.
  • The weighted pressure and built-in satin fidgets of these Weighted Animals can be used for Sensory Integration Therapy as noted in above description.
  • Constructed of heavyweight, soft cotton interlock fabric.
  • Matt the Caterpillar and Delly the Dolphin are additionally lined with polyfil for an extra soft feel to the animal.

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Caterpillar, Dolphin, Snake


Grape, Happy Apple Green, Lime Green, Neon Green, Light Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Bubble Gum Pink, Purple, Red, Country Red, Fire Engine Red, Dark Peach, Teal, Yellow Gold, Light Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, Navy/Light Blue, Royal/Light Blue, Turquoise/Pink