Streetwear for School

This is a pre-order itemWe will be accepting orders for the 2017 – 2018 School year as of July 15.  We only produce enough streetwear to meet our pre-orders.  ½ down is needed at the time you place your order.  Deadline to order is midnight, August 20.  Your order will ship out the week of September 11, 2017.

Dry Wick T-Shirts, Athletic Pants, Leggings, and More!  Great for school!  Our Streetwear has a unique system designed especially by Happy Face Apparel, guaranteed to keep the garment on your child.

  • Happy Face Apparel has a unique system, which includes a nude colored under-tank top, constructed out of light compression fabric that attaches to the pants at the bottom and to the shirt at the shoulders.
  • The Garment top is also anchored with a strip of twill tape at the bottom arm hole of the garment so your child will not pull the top to hang around their neck.
  • The outer shirt of the garment system has a reinforced no-stretch neckline.
  • An invisible back Zipper with snap tab allows the child to step into the garment system. Parents and caregivers zip & snap the clothing system onto the child for a worry-free day.
  • Your child will be fashionably dressed like every other child on the playground.

Competitor Analysis:  This is a unique anti-escape system developed by Happy Face Apparel.  You will not find it anywhere else.  The pricing includes a compression tank top, reinforced, anti-escape neckline, step in security system which includes an invisible zipper and snap tab, outer wear pants and outer wear shirt.


Sizes 3 – 7 @ $74.99

Sizes 8 – 14 @ $79.99

Sizes 16 & 18 @ $84.99

Customize your Streetwear for School:

Add a security hook for $3.75

Reinforce the Neckline for $7.00

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