Reusable Swim Brief


Happy Face Apparel Reusable Swim Brief is constructed to fit comfortably and discreetly under a swimsuit, replacing traditional diapers in water. Our Reusable designed for use alone as swim protection or as an antibacterial diaper cover.  Our Reusable Swim Brief significantly reduces deadly bacterial contamination in and around the water.

Color choices = Black, White, Pink, Blue
XS – youth size 6/8, 40-58 pounds @ $22.00 each.
S – youth size 8/10, 59-74 pounds @ $22.00 each.
M – youth size 10/12, 75-89 pounds @ $22.00 each.
L – youth size 14/16, 90-118 pounds @ $22.00 each.

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Reusable Swim Brief

  • Designed for Active Lifestyles, Aquatic Therapy and Special Needs.
  • Approved by public heath and swimming facilities.
  • Comfortable design, functional construction ensures discreet fit under regular swimwear.
  • Specifically designed to take the place of traditional diapers when your child is playing in the water.
  • Designed to contain solids without adding weight.
  • Designed to not absorb or contain liquids.
  • Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters.
  • Latex free.
  • Machine washable * Hang to dry.

Additional information

Swim Brief Sizing

L, M, S, XS

Swim Brief Color

Black, Blue, Pink, White