Moisture Protection Drainage Circles


Happy Face Apparel offers a Feeding Tube solution, like nothing else on the market, which solves the challenge of keeping the feeding tube area clean, dry, and comfortable.  Our unique design fits securely and comes in three sizes.

HFA Smile Competitor Analysis –

We looked at every drainage circle on the market that we could find.  The design of ALL other drainage circles caused tenting of the circle; meaning the fabric did not lay flat against the skin to absorb liquid.  The other designs also had centers that did not hug the feeding tubes.  The finished edge stitching on some of the competitor designs were low quality and would not hold up.



Moisture Protection Drainage Circles

  • We used a three-layer construction on our Drainage Circles (Feeding Tube Covers) with Moisture Protection.The top layer is made of PUL waterproof fabric to prevent moisture from staining outer clothing.  The absorbent middle layer, which will trap moisture away from the skin, is absorbent, heavyweight 100% cotton interlock, and the 3rd layer (which rests against the skin) is an absorbent soft 100% cotton flannel for comfort.
  • Our closure is made of soft flexible Velcro,not a grommet snap or button, which can irritate the skin. In our design, the closure does not touch the body, only the flannel is against the skin.
  • Our uniquely designed “cross center” and Velcro closure allows the Drainage Circle (Feeding Tube Cover) to hug the feeding tube, keeping the rest of the Drainage Circle flat against the skin for maximum moisture absorption.
  • Because our Drainage Circles lay flat, there isn’t a bulky look showing through clothes.
  • A decorative narrowed edge holds the three fabric layers together, prevents fabric fraying and helps the Drainage Circles to hold their shape through multiple machine washings.
  • Machine washable. Tumble dry low.

Economy Protection:

Size Small, 3” Circle @ $2.49 each

Size Medium, 4 ½” Circle @ $2.49 each

Size Large, 6” Circle @ $2.49 each

Moisture Protection:

Size Small, 3” Circle @ $5.99 each

Size Medium, 4 ½” Circle @ $5.99 each

Size Large, 6” Circle @ $5.99 each

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S, M, L


Solid Brown, Green Monkey, Green Owl, Solid Orange, Pink Cupcake, Pink Dots, Pink Flowers, Solid Pink, Purple Butterfly, Solid Teal, Teal Turtle/Frog, White Dinosaurs, White Monster, Yellow Duck, Solid Yellow, Boys, Girls, Neutral