Flex Metal Additional Weight Kit


  • The patented weights are made with atomized iron, baby oil and a rubber which is often used to make nipples for baby bottles. In case of a fall the interchangeable soft weights act as padding to protect your child and those around them. Flex-metal™ weights are non-toxic.
  • Flex-Metal® weights are the same basic consistency as your child’s skin.
  • Flex-metal® Additional Weight Kit Contains 10 – ½ pound weight inserts. These unique weights flex and move with activity. They are as soft as your own skin and act as padding for protection in case of a fall. Flex-metal® weights are the most comfortable and safest weights available.
  • Flex-metal® patented weight inserts are super flexible, thin and flat. All the edges are fully rounded, so there are no sharp or hard corners or bulges. Each individual weight insert has a fabric shell to allow it slide into the weight pockets.
  • Flex-metal® patented weight inserts are much safer than any other weights and do not push into your body. Metal bars can be extremely dangerous if you fall and they move around during activity. Metal bars also block your movement and cannot be used comfortably for floor exercises. Shot and sand bags although less dangerous move around and bulge out causing localized high pressure areas which can chafe and bruise, and are also not suitable for floor exercises.
  • Flex-metal® patented weight inserts are only ½ inch thick, 2 inches wide and 4 ½ inches long. The inserts fit into the patented internal stretch pockets of Flex Metal Products. Most Flex Metal products are supplied with one weight per pocket, but the pockets have been specially designed to hold one or two weights securely.
  • Flex-metal® Additional Weight Kits make it possible to double the weight of most IRONWEAR® products.


Each Flex Metal Weight Kit comes with (10) ½ lb. weights @ $39.99

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Flex Metal® Additional Weight Kit

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