Flex Metal Jr Uni-Vest – Youth Large


The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is a patented weighted vest, designed exclusively for an adolescent’s body shape. A great way to add weight for mental comfort, physical therapy and balance training.  The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ was developed to make wearing weights safer and more comfortable.  Our unique design contours to the shape of the young adolescent’s body, and bends with every movement.

  • The Jr. Uni-Vest™ has 8 front double weight pockets while the standard short Uni-Vest™ has 10 double weight pockets and the back has 12 double weight pockets, adjustable from 1 to 21 pounds. The shell by itself weighs 1 pound and by adding weights the Jr. Uni-Vest™ can be adjusted in 1/2 pound increments up to 21 pounds.
  • Flex-Metal® weights bend easily as the body moves. By conforming to the shape of the body, the weight does not shift with movement. Our thin Flex Metal weights are held against the body, so they do not affect balance because the weight is kept close to the body’s core.
  • The inside of the vest has a 2mm layer of padding between the body and the weights. On the outside, there is another 10mm layer of padding. All of these soft padding layers help to protect the body in the event of a fall or bump, and the system helps to protect anyone else that the adolescent may bump into while exercising.
  • The outer surface is ballistic nylon laminated to foam padding for comfort, strength, and easy cleaning. The outer surface cane wiped clean easily and dries quickly. The whole vest can also be machine washed with the weights removed.
  • The stretch pockets hold the weight(s) securely on all sides and keep them from shifting. The inner pocket design makes it impossible for the weights to come loose or get lost during activities. Because no hardware or velcro is used to hold the weights in place the vest is safer, longer lasting, and more comfortable.
  • Double-lock™ belting system allows the vest to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The oversized stretch belts lock on top and inside to keep the Jr. Uni-Vest™ from shifting during rigorous activity, while still expanding and contracting to allow proper breathing.

SIZING:  It is designed for youth ages 10 – 15, from about 50 pounds to over 120 pounds. The Jr. Uni-Vest™ may fit many athletes over 120 pounds as well, but for some the neck opening and shoulder positioning may be too narrow. The Double-lock™ belting system adjusts from waist sizes of slightly less than 20 inches to over 40 inches.  Supplied with (16) ½ lb. weights.


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Flex Metal Jr. Uni-Vest™ Youth Large Athlete’s Weighted Vest Adjustable From 1 to 21 Pounds Supplied at 9 lbs