Flex Metal Jr Knuckle Irons


Jr. Knuckle Irons™ is the original children’s hand weight. They were developed in 1997 by designer Arnold Cook to help children develop their writing and hand control skills.  Thousands of the Jr. Knuckle Irons™ are now helping children control and improve their movements. They have also proven to be very helpful for children who must deal with tremors.

  • The unique design does not interfere with the movement of the fingers and leaves the hand open to hold things. They are extremely comfortable and stay in place. The weights can be used for exercise as well as enhancing small motor control.
  • Knuckle Irons™ have a single piece of Flex-metal™ over the knuckles. The weight moves and flexes with the fingers. The weights do not sag, bulge, shake or spill out like weights made of sand or metal shot. The weights act like padding and do not bruise, chafe, or block your movements as do weights made of metal bars.
  • Knuckle Irons™ are held securely in place with two adjustable straps: one on the palm and one on the wrist. The unique adjustment straps system allows the weight to fit properly on any size hand. The thin padded open palm permits complete use of the hand and fingers, and allows a tight fist to be formed or the hand to hold objects without interference.
  • Knuckle Irons™ do not put stress on the fingers or thumb. They leave the area between the fingers open so they do not affect the use of your fingers.
  • Knuckle Irons™ Champion Series are covered by an abrasion resistant padded nylon fabric for maximum durability.

Right Hand, ¼ lb. weight @ $19.99
Right Hand, ½ lb. weight @ $19.99
Left Hand, ¼ lb. weight @ $19.99
Left Hand, 1/2 lb. weight @ $19.99
Pair (left & Right Hand), ¼ lb. weight @ $29.99
Pair (left & Right Hand), ½ lb. weight @ $29.99

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1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound

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Left Hand, Right Hand, Pair (Left and Right Hands)