Flex Metal | Flex-Blanket


Size: (27”W x 42”L)

Our Flex Metal FLEX-BLANKET™ is used to provide comforting pressure for resting and sleeping.




  • Contains 66 individual weight pockets into which 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound soft Flex-metal™ weights can be inserted. The design provides the widest range of weight and weight positioning of any weighted blanket.
  • The proprietary Flex-metal™ weights conform to the body to provide uniform pressure and comfort. The stretch pocket system holds the weights securely and makes it easy to add or remove weights.
  • Constructed of soft durable polyester mesh which, allows the blanket to be used during all seasons.
  • The FLEX-BLANKET™ is designed so weights can be easily removed. Once removed the shell can be machine washed and dried and the weights reinserted.
  • The FLEX-BLANKET™ is thin and comfortable. One layer of soft 1/2 pound Flex-metal weights gives you a blanket ½ inch thick.  One layer of soft 1/4 pound Flex-Metal™ weights gives you a blanket a 1/4 inch thick.
  • The FLEX-BLANKET™ uses the same Flex-Metal™ weights as the rest of the Flex Metal products. The Flex-Metal™ weights can be interchanged with other weighted Flex Metal products.
  • Comes supplied with 34 pounds of Flex-metal™ weights, but can be adjusted from 1 pound up to 34 pounds by removing or adding Flex-metal™ weights.

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