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The Feeding Tube Access Window is only available at Happy Face Apparel and provides caregivers easy access to a feeding tube, while providing barriers to little fingers that may want to tear out feeding tubes.

Feeding Tube Windows are “dropped in” when we receive your order.  Garments that go out with a Feeding Tube Window are non-refundable.

Competitor analysis:  Not available anywhere else to our knowledge.

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Feeding Tube Window

  • Either style of Feeding Tube Windows can be added to Snap Suits (similar to infant Onesies) or Zipback Rompers. The windows match the Snap Suit and Zipback fabric.
  • The windows are constructed out of the same heavyweight soft cotton interlock fabric as our Snap Suits (similar to infant Onsesies) and Zipback Rompers with the addition of a stabilizer, which is bonded to the fabric to help the window maintain it’s shape and to make it more difficult for little fingers to pick at the tube through the fabric layers.
  • Only Happy Face Apparel has a unique, double panel, feeding tube access system.
  • The outside panel is secured on the bottom and with soft velcro on the other 3 sides.
  • The inside panel, which is against the skin, is in in the opposite direction of the outside panel and provides that second barrier layer, while providing a soft covering over the velcro and window edge, which prevents the window edge from catching on the feeding tube.
  • Extra Protection is provided by the Feeding Tube Protection The top panel of this style has an additional thick stabilizer bonded to the panel with an additional moisture resistant PUL layer of fabric.  The panel is much thicker than our regular Feeding Tube Access Window making it very difficult for fingers to bend and manipulate the fabric to pull out a tube.  The moisture resistant layer protects seepage and drainage from staining the outside of the garment or other clothes and bedding.

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Feeding Tube Windows

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