Essential Oil Scented Eye Pillow Kit


Essential Oil Scented Eye Pillows are a great way to relax and relieve stress for parent or child.  Each Kit comes with one replacement case and one Essential Oil packet of lavender.

Competitor analysis:  Most similar competitor products do not have the slip cover design for cleaning or offer an extra outer cover.



Essential Oil Eye Pillow Kit

  • Our Scented pillows have a lining stuffed with 6 ozs of flax seed. The flax seed retains the essential oil scent and, when laid across the eyes, the weight of the flax seed stuffed pillow provides slight pressure to help relieve stress.
  • The lavender Essential Oil provides aromatherapy to soothe, calm and help adult or child
  • Our pillow cases are made from a soft satin fabric, with a slip cover outer design, which allows you to exchange the outer shell to clean off facial oils.

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