Disposable Swim Brief

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Happy Face Apparel, made in the USA, Disposable Swim Briefs are constructed to fit comfortably and discreetly under a swimsuit, replacing traditional diapers in water.

XS – youth size 6/8, 40-58 pounds, 5 pack
S – youth size 8/10, 59-74 pounds, 5 pack
M – youth size 10/12, 75-89 pounds, 5 pack
L – youth size 14/16, 90-118 pounds, 5 pack 

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Disposable Swim Brief

  • Our disposable swim brief is designed to help contain up to 98% of bacteria associated with recreational water illnesses, such as E-Coli and Shigella. Our Disposable Swim Briefs will also greatly reduce the life cycle of those potentially deadly pathogens by up to 99%.
  • Designed to contain solids without adding weight.
  • Designed to not absorb or contain liquids.
  • Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters.

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Swim Brief Sizing

L, M, S, XS