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Like a hug, the compression from this shirt has a calming effect on kids with anxiety or sensory needs.  A solution that provides a sense of security for your child and increased focus for children in the ADD spectrum.  Clinical compression clothing has even shown improved functional movement in patients with disabilities.

Check out our Compression Shirt size chart to be sure the size you order will fit.

Sleeveless & Short Sleeve

Size XS & S @ $30.99 $24.79

Size M & L @ $31.99 $25.59

Size XL @ $32.99 $26.39

Size XXL @ $33.99 $27.19

Long Sleeve Size

XS & S @ $32.49 $25.99

Size M & L @ $33.49 $26.79

Size XL @ $34.49 $27.59

Size XXL @ $35.49 $28.39

Competitor analysis –

We could have cut the cost of this item in half if we were willing to go with an inferior spandex fabric.  Fabrics that competitors used didn’t really provide compression, or compression was lost after a few washings.  We also found compression shirts on the market that looked like white ace bandages instead of a fashionable sport shirt.

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Compression Shirts | Sale! | 20% Off

  • Compression shirts and similar clothing have been used in the medical field for years. The garments apply mechanical pressure to the body, compressing and helping support underlying tissue. This increase in pressure can help improve circulation, increase focus, increase functional movement and provide a sense of security when you aren’t there.
  • Our Compression Shirt is a light compression, fashionable shirt that can be worn under clothing or as an outer shirt.
  • Made of a high-end compression spandex (88% polyester/12% spandex). The way the fibers are spun and the weave of the fabric make our durable fabric breathable, while providing compression.  The fabric has a satin feel – which children love!
  • The construction is the same as our Northwoods Longjohn Pajamas, Snap Suits and Zipbacks, there are no inside seams or fabric edges that could irritate sensitive skin.
  • Three rows of stretch stitching reinforce sides, shoulders and arm holes, so our garment holds up with a lot of movement and play.

Additional information

Compression Shirt Sizes

XS (4/5), S (6/7), M (10/12), L (14), XL (16), XXL (18)

Compression Shirt Sleeve Option

No Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve

Compression Shirt Color

Black, Crimson, Navy, Purple, Royal, White