Chewy Tubes


Nine Options to Choose From

  • Yellow Chewy Tube– Smooth tube, narrowest stem, easiest to chew
  • Red Chewy Tube– Smooth tube, medium stem, slightly harder than yellow, but easier than blue
  • Green Chewy Tube– Knobby tube provides more sensory input. Slightly harder than the yellow and red tubes
  • Blue Chewy Tube –Smooth tube, largest stem, hardest to chew. (Children who are aggressive chewers may like this option the best.)
  • Red Super Chew Tube– Features a knobby stem surface for extra sensory input, as well as a closed-loop handle that can be easily grasped by little fingers.
  • Green Super Chew Tube– Features a smooth stem surface, as well as a closed-loop handle that can be easily grasped by little fingers.
  • Chewy P’s & Q’s (Combo Pack)*, Smooth Orange Q or Knobby Red Q – Recommended by speech pathologists and pediatric dentists for healthy mouth development.

Price:   All styles @ $8.00 each.  These items are non-refundable. 



Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes are for practicing biting and chewing skills. The innovative Chewy Tube provides a durable, safe, chewable surface to develop biting and chewing skills. Children seeking additional sensory input enjoy biting on Chewy Tubes. Requires adult supervision for children with autisim and children under 3.  Not recommended for children under 7 months.  No Latex, Lead, BPA, and phthalates.  All material is FDA compliant, machine washable and made in the USA. Wash with mild soap and water.

Additional information

Chew Tube

Blue Chewy Tube, Green Knobby Chewy Tube, Green Super Chew Tube, Orange Smooth Q Chewy Tube, P & Q Chewy Tube, Red Chewy Tube, Red Knobby Q Chewy Tube, Red Super Chew Tube, Yellow Chewy Tube