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Happy Face Apparel Chew Bands are a great way for children to remove stress through chewing, exercising oral and facial muscles.  Chew Bands are a stretchy cloth necklace, that your child can wear to chew and help save the neckline of their clothing and the fabric will absorb the drool.

  • Chew Bands are made from stretch terry cloth that is 98% cotton with 2% spandex for stretch.  The high cotton content will absorb drool well.
  • The high end stretch terry cloth that Happy Face Apparel uses for their Chew Bands has a deeper pile than the average stretch terry on the market.  The high pile will help to trap the drool, giving the fabric more time to absorb moisture.
  • Happy Face Apparel Chew bands are constructed from two layers of stretch terry cloth to make them extra absorbent.
  • A double stretch stitch was used on the inside construction to make our Chew Bands durable and to maintain shape with multiple washings.
  • Machine Washable.
  • 28” long circumference, and 4” width of fabric, double layered.


Packaged in mixed color group of 4 Chew Bands – $17.99

This item is non-refundable.

HFA smileCompetitor Analysis:

  • Competitor cloth necklaces we discovered used polyester terry cloth, which isn’t an absorbent fabric.
  • Construction inside was single stitched, and a loop thread closure technique, which came apart easily, instead of machine sewn like ours.
  • Competitor Cloth necklaces lost their shapes after one washing. 

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