Body Socks


Our Body Socks enclose a child like a warm hug, calming them and creating a sense of security when enclosed inside.  Our hyper-strong, 4 way stretch, jumbo lycra fabric also provides light resistance for muscle development, while a child has fun punching against the fabric while inside.

XSmall, 40” long @ $37.99

Small, 48” long @ $42.99

Medium, 56” long @ $49.99

Large, 64” long @ $52.99

XLarge, 72” long @ $58.99


Competitor analysis:  There are a lot of body socks on the market. 

We found:

  • Competitors had smaller openings, or openings on top. We read about children becoming disoriented, panicking and hurting themselves with these designs.
  • Some competitor products cut back on the velcro closures – so the opening stretched and children couldn’t “hide” inside.
  • We are not the cheapest. Our goal isn’t to provide the cheapest product, but the right product in quality and function
  • Thinner fabric that did not provide adequate resistance for muscle development.


Body Socks

  • Designed so the head can be inside or outside of the body sock.
  • Constructed from Hyper-strong, four-way stretch, jumbo lycra fabric. This fabric is very durable and will hold up through multiple washings.
  • Double stitched stretch seams will handle aggressive play inside without pulling apart.
  • Heavyweight ribbing outlines the step-in & step -out opening.
  • We provide enough Velcro closures to prevent opening gaps between closures and give children the comfort and privacy they desire in their body sock.
  • The easy open Velcro closure was designed to insure any child can exit quickly and easily without panic or injury to themselves.
  • Happy Face Apparel’s Body Socks are designed for spatial awareness through balance and resistance.
  • All of our body socks are approximately 30” wide.

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XS – 40" Long, S – 48" Long, M – 56" Long, L – 64" Long, XL – 72" Long


Kelly Green, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Yellow

Trim Color

Black, Cream, Grape, Gray, Heather Gray, Khaki, Lavender, Navy, Ocean Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Sea Foam, Turquoise, Yellow Gold