Flex Metal Speed Vest & Suit

The Flex Metal Speed Vest

The Flex Metal SPEED-VEST™ stays in place better than any other weighted vest type. Every aspect has been designed to minimize movement of the weights. The SPEED-VEST™ is designed to tightly hold one weight in each  pocket so that the weights don’t move during rigorous exercise.

  • Will help with proprioception.
  • Will help with muscle development and awareness. Designed to allow activities such as running and jumping for extended periods of time, comfortably.
  • The vest is thin, only ½” thick with one layer of weights, flexible and comfortable. Can be worn under or over clothing.
  • Thin flexible padded shoulder straps help to keep the SPEED-VEST™ from inhibiting movement in any direction.
  • The proprietary oversized stretch strapping system holds the vest securely to almost any large child, adolescent or adult’s torso, while the new double lock system on the belts keeps the vest completely stable during movement.
  • The design allows the vest to expand to accommodate breathing, even during rigorous activity.
  • A high porous polyester shell allows air to flow freely through the vest to keep
  • body cooler so vest can be worn longer.
  • Easy to clean. Just hose it off, hand wash or machine wash vest with the weights removed.

The Flex Metal Speed Pants

  • Helps with leg muscle development, proprioception.
  • Inner stretch pockets for weights. Weights conform to the shape of the thighs and waist without interfering with the body’s motion.
  • The Speed Pants™ are designed with an open center to help keep the body cool by allowing air to flow between the legs. The Speed Pants™ have multiple adjustments to adjust the position of the weights on the thighs and to adjust the tension on the thighs. Thigh pressure can be adjusted quickly without removing the Speed Pants™ or released completely to give legs a rest
  • The double locking belts hold all the edges of the Speed Pants™ in place no matter how the body moves or kicks.
  • The Speed Pant™’s large hole black mesh design does not show dirt, breathes, and is easy to clean.
  • The Speed Pants™ fit a wide range of waist sizes from 22 inches to over 50 inches and can be easily worn over short or long pants. The thin design fits easily under most sweats.

The Flex Metal Shoe Irons

  • The Speed Shoe Irons™ includes both a removable/replaceable sole strap system and an adjustable heel strap for extra security on the foot.
  • Speed Shoe Irons™ go overtop shoes to provide resistance without interfering with the body’s motion.
  • The Speed Shoe Irons™ are designed to improve step height, and leg strength.
  • The weights position evenly over the top of the foot just above the ball of the foot. The system locks around the heel and under the arch to prevent any weight movement. Unlike ankle weights which move up and down on the ankle as you run, there is no sliding or jarring action with the New Speed Shoe Irons™. Because the weight is situated above the ball of the foot the weights and the foot impact the ground at the same time. The New Speed Shoe Irons™ have a bottom strap that is removable so that when it becomes worn it can easily be replaced.
  • The multiple adjustments allow the new Speed Shoe Irons™ to fit a wide range of athletic shoe sizes and designs from a women’s size 5 to a men’s size 15.


Junior Speed Suit (includes Junior Speed Vest, Junior Speed Pants and Junior Shoe Irons)

 Supplied with (42) ½ lb. weights @ $369.99


 Junior Speed Vest (for Youth to Adult)

Supplied with (18) ½ lb. weights @ $129.99


 Medium SpeedVest

(The Medium SPEED-VEST™ design is slightly smaller than the JR. SPEED-VEST™.  The shoulders are slightly narrower and it fits a smaller torso.)

Supplied with (16) ½ lb. weights @ $119.99